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Letter from Eliza Armstrong to Mrs. Comb (1885)

Quoted in Alison Plowden, The Case of Eliza Armstrong: A Child of 13 Bought for £5 (1974)
My dear Mrs Comb[,]

        I write these few lines to you hoping you 
        are quite well. I am a good girl. does all that Fanny tells me to[.] my 
        coton dress is finished and I keeps it very nice and clean. and 
        I sow my buttons on my cloak and I have washed the stains out of my dress. 
        the captain is very good to me indeed. all the girls gives their love 
        to you and Captain gives her love to you and the major as well. I hope 
        you are soon coming home again. and the Captain gave me the paper to write 
        with. she is very kind to me [.] I love her very much, and I love you 
        to. it is raining very much at home[.] two of the girls are going away 
        soon[.] I liked your letter very much[.] well that all I got to say at 
        present[.] good by.

        and god bless you[.]