About the WTSRS

The W.T. Stead Resource Site was launched in 2001 by Teesside University graduate, Owen Mulpetre, BA (Hons) Mphil.

It is a free online resource intended to raise awareness of W.T. Stead and the important contributions which he made to the journalistic, political and social spheres of his age. It is also aimed at aiding in the research of his life and career and the issues in which he became embroiled.

The domain name, "attackingthedevil.co.uk", is derived from Stead's famous letter to his friend and confidant, the Rev. Henry Kendall, in which he declared that editing The Northern Echo offered him (Stead) a "glorious opportunity of attacking the devil."

Since its inception, the WTSRS has been utilised by students, scholars and authors around the world. It is credited as a "treasure trove of contemporary documentation" in the late Richard Webster's book, The Secret of Bryn Estyn: The Making of a Modern Witch Hunt (2005), and it was extensively mined for BBC Radio Five's Saturday drama, The Maiden Tribute (Oct. 2005). It is cited in the academically applauded Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism: In Great Britain and Ireland and, most recently, contributed to the Salvation Army's documentary Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth.

Much of the material on this website comes from original sources, and every care has been taken to accurately transcribe the texts displayed. With so much material, however, occasional errors invariably occur. So, if you notice anything amiss, please feel free to flag it up with an email.

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Who is behind this website?

I founded this website in 2001 to assist me in my own research on W.T. Stead, little knowing then that it would become the largest online resource on Stead's life and career. Today this site is used by students, scholars and institutions around the world and has significantly contributed to the Study of W.T. Stead and the evils which he campaigned against.

If you have a question or query, feel free to Contact me and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience (but please don't ask me to do your research for you!).

Owen Mulpetre, BA (Hons) MPhil