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Richard Webster - The Secret of Bryn Estyn: The Making of a Modern Witch Hunt


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W.T. Stead, My First Imprisonment (London: E. Marlborough & Co, 1886).
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W.T. Stead, "Government by Journalism". The Contemporary Review, vol. 49 (1886).
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"Judgement by Default", The Northern Echo, July 15, 1885.
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W.T. Stead, "Is it not Time?", The Pall Mall Gazette, October 16, 1883.
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Kier Hardie, "The Citizenship of Women: A Plea for Woman's Suffrage",
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[Online] Available: The W.T. Stead Resource Site.
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Finally, though this website includes a section on Stead's obsession with spiritualism, I myself am not remotely interested in the subject. So, if you think you have seen Stead's ghost in your kitchen or believe you are the reincarnation of the great editor himself (or anyone else who died on the Titanic), I beg you not to tell me about it..

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