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I founded this website in 2001 to assist me in my own research on Stead, little knowing then that it would become the largest online resource on his life and career. Back then, the website consisted of just a single page called "The Great Educator" (a short biography of Stead that's still part of the website today) while the domain name, "", is derived from Stead's famous quote that journalism presented him with a "glorious opportunity of attacking the devil".

Within days of uploading my simple, one-page website, it fittingly caught the attention of a journalist at the The Northern Echo (Stead's first newspaper), who wrote a feature on it (and me) the following week. That was the start of a journey I have been on ever since..

Now, over twenty years later, the WTSRS is the official go-to resource for all things Stead. With over 500 pages of digitised primary documents, images and other media, the site continues to attract academic acclaim, both nationally and internationally and is today used by students, scholars and institutions around the world.

It is credited as a "treasure trove of contemporary documentation" in the late Richard Webster's book, The Secret of Bryn Estyn (2005), and it was extensively mined for BBC Radio Five's Saturday drama, The Maiden Tribute (Oct. 2005). It is cited in the academically applauded Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism and also contributed to the Salvation Army's documentary Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth.

My own research paper, W.T. Stead and the New Journalism likewise continues to contribute to the genre and is frequently cited in academic works in the field of journalism history. It can be downloaded from this website or from, where other works on Stead can also be found.

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You would be helping to maintain the largest online database on the life and career of W.T. Stead, with free access to over 500 digitised primary documents, including the Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon.

Your support will help preserve this invaluable resource for future researchers. Since its launch in 2001, the WTSRS has assisted over 200,000 researchers around the world, many of them students.

You would be helping to advance the study of W.T. Stead and the evils he fought against, such as poverty, slavery, sex trafficking and child prositution, all of which are still with us in our modern world today.

A treasure trove of contemporary documentation..
Richard Webster - The Secret of Bryn Estyn: The Making of a Modern Witch Hunt

Thank you for creating & maintaining such a quality and extensive Stead archive. I've written before, I'm currently writing a historical fiction of William. Your website is invaluable. Expect more donations from me! Thx..
Julie Basil Pierce

Thank you for your preservation of historical documents!.