W.T. Stead Journal Entry (December 26, 1875)

Quoted in J. W. Robertson Scott, The Life and Death of a Newspaper (1952) pp. 103-104

I must compel myself after months of shrinking from the duty, to record my mother's dying words. "(1) Don't domineer over Emma. (2) Don't overtax your strength by doing extra and avoidable work. (3) Submit your will in all things to God.["] Nervousness arose in great part from not doing so. "I have tried both", said she, "and you have no idea of the difference between absolute submission and rebellion". And she added, "Don't grieve over what you have done or not done to me. I know you always meant well and loved me dearly." I said I would try. "No", said she, "that won't do. You must promise me absolutely you will not." And I did.


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