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W.T. Stead to Mrs. John Morley

(October 15, 1880)

London, England, October 15, 1880

I venture to take the liberty of asking you to accept from me... a copy of the poem which of all those written by women touched me most deeply... I think it reveals the undraped soul of one of the noblest women of our race. If you will be so kind as to accept it and, at least, to try to read it, you will add still another to the very many kindnesses which I have received from you since my arrival in London... I might well be ashamed of asking this further favour at your hands, but I am so deeply indebted to you already, that the addition of one more reason for gratitude on my part, attracts rather than otherwise. To the majority of people, I would not be beholden for a farthing candle, but with friends who have shown themselves so exceedingly friendly as you, I enjoy the sense of being hopelessly in their debt....