Stead to the Editor of the Plymouth Western Morning News

(July 4, 1906)

...a stout middle aged person, who said he was your representative, behaved in such an intolerable fashion at the Duke of Cornwall's Hotel on Friday night, that I had forcibly to eject him from the room. I think he must have been somewhat the worse for drink, otherwise he could not possibly have misconducted himself as he did... I found him interviewing Dr Trefz... as it was impossible to begin speaking until he finished his interview, I went up to him and courteously asked him if he would finish his interview in another room... he took absolutely no notice of the request... He said that he would only go when he pleased... he said he would remain in the room whether I liked it or not... I took him round the middle and threw him out. He had a glass of some liquid in his hand which dropped and the glass was broken... It was a disagreeable fracas, and one which for the credit of British Journalists was the worst thing which could have taken place in the presence of fifteen German Editors...

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