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W.T. Stead to an Un-named Contributor to The Daily Paper

(February 4, 1905)

Mowbray House, Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W. C., February 4 1905

My dear Friend,

I am more grieved than words can say. But my health has broken down and I am ordered to take a sea voyage to the Cape to get it up again.

This means an absence of 10 weeks. I have had to stop the Daily Paper.

I write to assure you that your contract still holds good till June 30.

I hope that you may be able to write something for the Review each month.

But until the end of June your cheque is all right & you will I am sure do what you can.

Forgive me & pity me

Yours gratefully,

W.T. Stead

Webmaster's Note... I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to James Roberts for transcribing this text from the original letter, and for allowing me to reproduce it here.