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The WTSRS is today the largest online database on W.T. Stead and has significantly contributed to the study of his life and career. However, running this website takes time and effort and its continued existence largely depends on how useful it is as an academic resource. So, please feel free to leave feedback.

Professor Terry Keefe

06-07-2018, 10:20

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I haven't used this site heavily, but do come back to it from time to time in the course of my research. It is a well-organised and very useful site.

Assuming that we are certain that Stead himself wrote 'From the Old World to the New' (?), do you have a view on why in his Preface he should have atrributed it to 'one who has the audacity of the novice' - someone writing his 'first story'?

Delphine stead

24-06-2018, 00:53

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Thank toi very much for your page and research
So happy WT Stead is still interesting some people
He was a spécial man

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          About this website

          I founded this website in 2001 to assist me in my own research on W.T. Stead, little knowing then that it would become the largest online resource on Stead's life and career. Today this site is used by students, scholars and institutions around the world and has significantly contributed to the Study of W.T. Stead and the evils which he campaigned against. I hope you find it useful.

          If you have a question that explicitly concerns any of the content on this website, feel free to Contact me and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. However, please note that I no longer work in academia. With a very "busy" business to run, the time I can spare responding to enquiries through this website is finite, to say the least. So, please do not ask me to do research for you or assist in matters of family history.

          Finally, though this website includes a section on Stead's obsession with spiritualism, I myself am not remotely interested in the subject. So, if you think you have seen Stead's ghost in your kitchen or believe you are the reincarnation of the great editor himself (or anyone else who died on the Titanic), I beg you not to tell me about it..

          Owen Mulpetre, BA (Hons) MPhil