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The WTSRS is today the largest online database on W.T. Stead and has significantly contributed to the study of his life and career. However, running this website takes time and effort and its continued existence largely depends on how useful it is as an academic resource. So, please feel free to leave feedback.

Garry CB

15-12-2020, 04:40

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An excellent reference point. May I congratulate and thank you for the time and effort assigned to put it together. I'm sure it will be read by many and I hope they too find time to show their appreciation.

Margaret Sadler

04-11-2020, 18:20

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I am mentioning Stead in an OU history essay on the British Empire discussing an article in the Pall Mall Gazette of 12th September 1888 regarding the Royal Niger Company. I am establishing the paper's trustworthy reputation. I hope you don't mind if I use one small piece from this website regarding the Gazette being one of the most influential papers in London, at that time. Of course I will reference you and the site. It's been most helpful, thank you
Margaret Sadler

Duane Watson, Curator

30-10-2020, 22:52

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Wilderstein is an historic site in Rhinebeck NY, in the Hudson River Valley. The site is the the Suckley family home built in 1852 and expanded in 1888. The last member of the family to live there was Miss Margaret "Daisy" Lynch Suckley who died in June 1991 in her 100th year. She left the site and all the family belongings to Wilderstein Preservation, a private organization. The family lived in Chateau d'Oex for ten years, 1897-1907 though annual visits home were made by the older three boys in the family and their father (Miss Suckley and her younger twin sisters and mother remained in Switzerland). During their time in Europe the girls received copies of "The Books for the Bairns" which came back home with them in 1907 - over 150 issues. There seem to be no comparable collection here in the USA. The information you have given is much appreciated.

David P Stead

12-01-2020, 23:15

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Just checking-in, to say thank you for the site, which I haven't even looked at yet. And also, to ask for some help. I am a sort of - how to say it - a wayward son of clan Stead. I bear the name, but was never accepted by the family as my father, Paul Edward Stead, a young soldier, and my mother, a younger girl he knew only briefly, produced me inadvertently, and the immediate pod of Steads in Los Angeles, California, US, left me with her to get along best we could.
Only yesterday I was given through synchronicity the name of William T. Stead, and since then I have read Blue Island, and am reading How I Know That the Dead Return. The synchronicity is profound and I find I cannot shake the notion that (this came to me unbidden) "Grandpa Bill" is somehow within me. The similarities of our ... of our minds, of our concerns and interests, especially in the relation of the world of the spirit and of the mind to the world of earth and bodies, is beyond probability. I can feel him at this moment, maybe not guiding my hands, but certainly he is present. I find his presence to be humorous and kind, sharp and disciplined, yet gentle. I feel also a sternness, perhaps trained-in. I feel a love present, something between us.
I would like to ask someone to share a family tree with me, if such a thing exists. I don't want anything, I would maybe like to feel a connection, if that makes sense. Thank You.
David Paul Stead, near Seattle, Washington, US.

David Fawcett

29-08-2018, 07:10

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It the home page , you wrong spell the township of which William Stead lived. You write Howden when in fact it's Howdon. A very common mistake



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      I founded this website in 2001 to assist me in my own research on W.T. Stead, little knowing then that it would become the largest online resource on Stead's life and career. Today this site is used by students, scholars and institutions around the world and has significantly contributed to the Study of W.T. Stead and the evils which he campaigned against. I hope you find it useful.

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      Finally, though this website includes a section on Stead's obsession with spiritualism, I myself am not remotely interested in the subject. So, if you think you have seen Stead's ghost in your kitchen or believe you are the reincarnation of the great editor himself (or anyone else who died on the Titanic), I beg you not to tell me about it..

      Owen Mulpetre, BA (Hons) MPhil